Another happy customer!

The other day, a gentleman came into the store to tell us a story. He had purchased a suit on sale for $12 at The Giving Store because he was taking a trip to Europe and didn’t want to take one of his expensive suits with him. He planned on leaving the suit he had purchased in Europe at the end of his trip but he received so many compliments on his suit that he decided to keep it and brought it back home with him!

Look what was waiting for us on the doorstep!



Here is a note that was left in a bag at our doorstep with a few donations inside from a happy customer:

The Giving Store,

On Saturday morning, our scooter broke down on the highway and we were left stranded for a few hours. It turned out to be one of the best days of our vacation because we found your store. We put together “wedding” outfits and eventually returned to the strip, wearing them all day. A memory we will never forget! We wanted to return the skirt because it was too hard to pack and bring back to Canada. We also left a few other things. Thank you for the great work you do!

Laura & Ben

Christmas is coming! We can help you get ready!


We know it’s a little soon but we would like to help you get ready early! The Giving Store has received so many beautiful Christmas things and if we wait until Halloween to put them out, we will not have enough room to display everything. We are opening a special  location next door that will only sell Christmas items! It opens tomorrow so come in and check it out! We still have so much more and as items sell, we will put new things out for display. The hours will be from 10 am to 2 pm from Tuesday thru Saturday and it will only be open for a few short weeks. Around Halloween, we will move everything into The Giving Store and set up our giant Christmas display!

New Halloween Display


Here is our new Halloween display! We still have more items to add to it so come into the store often over the next few weeks and see what’s new. We also have tons of Halloween costumes that will be for sale later this week. Come in and check out the great selection!

Senior Saturday!

To show our appreciation to our senior customers, this Saturday, August 30th, all seniors 55 and up are invited to come in early at 8:30 am! We will serve you coffee and doughnuts and you will receive a 30% off coupon that will be good for your entire purchase made on Saturday! Coupon is only good for one day only and you must show proof that you are 55 or older.

New Scholarships for Music Lessons Available!

Do you have a child who would love to learn how to play a musical instrument, but lessons are too expensive? We can help!

We are beginning a new program this fall. We will be giving away scholarships to children ages 9 to 13. For this first year of the program, we will award 3 scholarships; one each for piano, flute, and violin.

Also, you will not have to purchase any musical instruments – they will all be furnished by The Giving Store. (A keyboard will be provided instead of a piano for practicing)

Inquire at the store for details and an application!

The mission of the Giving Store is to help those in need by giving a hand up not a handout.