Sales Policy

All sales are final.  No returns , refunds, or exchanges.  Same day exchange may be allowed with prior approval. Electronics (something with a plug) may be returned within 24 hours if it is not working.

Untagged Merchandise

Items without tags or with altered tags will not be sold. These items will be returned to our production area where they will be re-priced, and returned to the sales floor the next day.

Forms of Payment

We gladly accept checks (with proper ID), Visa, Mastercard, and Discover credit cards. We also accept debit cards. Yes, we even take cash!
Credit Card Logos

Merchandise Holds

Because of the tremendous amount of product that flows through our store daily we are only able to hold merchandise for 24 hours. If you do not return, the items are returned to the sales floor.

We produce an enormous selection of merchandise for you and make it a practice to examine every item for safety considerations before offering it for sale. However, due to the enormous amount of donations we process, we encourage you, especially when shopping for children’s items, to visit the following product safety sites before making a purchase from any thrift store.

The mission of the Giving Store is to help those in need by giving a hand up not a handout.